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Monroe squads run-bike yet again
Contributed photo Sitting, from left, are Cynthia Honts, Kortney Pippenger, Miranda Henke, Molly Hlubek, Lushiana Peterson, Abby Rogerson and Lizzy Dale. Standing in front of sign, from left, Dominick Kallas, Justin Helton, Aaron Peterson, Cameron Studer, Joel Henry, Dylan Starck, Brandon Mortimer, David Kelly, Luke Peterson, Max Minogue, Tyler Witt, and Alex Engels, Tessa Frutigger, Ty Gibson, Tess Seichter, Stephanie Wyss, Jordan Hirsbrunner and Cody Oudinot are standing behind sign.
The Monroe High School boys and girls held their 12th annual Rec Trail event Wednesday.

Two squads left on a bus and drove to Mineral Point at 6 a.m. to start the trail. From there, an athlete starts on a bike and another jogs with a baton. The bus then drives ahead to the next pick-up point. There were 15 pick-up points on the 47-mile journey.

The biker and runner could switch during their leg, and an athlete can run just about as many miles as they wanted. A few athletes ran up to nine miles, while others only ran a mile or two.

With the large number of athletes participating this year, boys head coach Dave Hirsbrunner said they had three bikes going at all times with a varying number of runners.

Hirsbrunner and girls coach Brian Jefferson had their squads running in different weather this year. The past 11 years, the event has taken place during very hot and sticky weather. This year, the 24 boys and girls endured temps in the low 50's with a constant stinging rain. The adverse weather conditions were conducive to the five-hour and 33-minute finishing time.

"The Rec Trail was very muddy, and at times in was hard to see while running and biking," Hirsbrunner said. "One nice thing about the weather was the fact that we only encounter about four four-wheelers total during the trip. No one had to worry about eating any dust."