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Zuber's gets approval for park move
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By Tere Dunlaptdunlap@ themonroetimes.comMONROE - No blood and guts was the basis of the Monroe Plan Commission's decision to approve a conditional use permit for Zuber's Sausage Kitchen move to the city's North Business and Industrial Park.In March and April, the city went through the process of changing its code to allow Zuber's to move to the industrial park, but the commission remained true to the intentions of the original code, which restricts processing, packaging and manufacturing of meat and meat products, fish and fish products, and sauerkraut and cabbage byproducts from industrial parks.The commission met Wednesday for a public hearing and to discuss and approve a conditional permit for meat processing and butchering. Their restrictions of the permit were set on a specific definition offered by City Attorney Rex Ewald.Ewald said butchering, by definition, has various elements in the process, including slaughter, draining for fluids, removal of organs and skinning or dehairing. The specific wording, made part of the motion to approve, allows for "butchering of seasonal wild game animals, but not including slaughter or evisceration" (removing organs).