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You can't miss 'em: Students all yellow for a Day of Service
MONROE - Don't be alarmed by what might look like all of the Monroe High School students skipping school while wearing the same bright yellow uniform - the students will be out doing community service Tuesday as a part of Day of Service.

The second annual community-oriented day is scheduled to go on for about three hours at 45 different places in and outside of town. Social education teacher Jennifer Moehn is organizing the event and said all 740 or so students will be out cleaning, restoring and picking up garbage at locations like the Badger State Trail, the humane society, Bountiful Hope Farms and the food pantry.

Moehn said last year Day of Service was volunteer-based, but this year the whole school is involved with teachers accompanying groups of 12 students to oversee the projects. She said they will be hard to miss since all attendees are given bright yellow T-shirts.

"The cool thing is everybody's involved," Moehn said.

Students had the option to pick where they wanted to volunteer, anywhere from Cadiz Springs to Pleasant View Nursing Home and many other locations. The students will start out by having a pep rally, and Swiss Colony Brands President John Baumann will give a short speech about the importance of community. Moehn said Swiss Colony has a community service program called "Inspire and Encourage," and she said Swiss Colony has been very supportive of Day of Service.

Moehn said they have done their best to keep costs down for this outing and have received several donations like free bus service by Lamers Bus Lines.

"We are trying to keep the financial part of it down," she said.

Moehn said last year when the program was introduced, she did not expect many students to volunteer.

"I was so surprised that they came and were excited; they had fun," she said. "We learned a lot from our first year, like how work crews need some water."

Moehn said this activity is not unique to Monroe. Many schools across the state have community service days, but Moehn said she thinks very few of them involve the entire school in these activities.

"It's all about giving back to Monroe, and showing that high school kids care," she said.

After their three-hour shift is completed, students will be treated to an outdoor cookout at the football field with a variety of activities. Moehn said she hopes the work gives the students a greater sense of community and fosters more service.

"Let's all be together in that sense of community and let's have fun as a community," she said.