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WPR announces changes to network, programming
Community Brief

MADISON — Wisconsin Public Radio announced changes to its networks and their programming starting May 20.

WPR’s current NPR News & Music Network and Ideas Network will be rearranged into one all-music network, WPR Music, and one all-news network, WPR News.

WPR News will incorporate news programming from the current NPR News & Music network along with current Ideas Network programming, including “Morning Edition,” “All Things Considered,” “Science Friday,” “The Larry Meiller Show,” “Marketplace,” “1A,” and “Fresh Air.”

Premiering May 20 at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. will be a new program, “Wisconsin Today,” with Kate Archer Kent, currently on the Ideas Network’s “The Morning Show,” and Rob Ferrett, currently on the Ideas Network’s “Central Time.”

WPR Music will offer locally hosted classical music each day with jazz, world music and folk music each weekend. Hosts will include Stephanie Elkins, Norman Gilliland, Lori Skelton, Ruthanne Bessman, Dr. Jonathan Overby and Sile Shigley. WPR Music will also present “Chapter a Day,” which has been on the radio since 1931 and is currently on the Ideas Network, weeknights at 7 p.m.

Ideas Network station WHHi (91.3 FM) in Highland and NPR News & Music station WLSU (88.9 FM) in La Crosse will become WPR Music stations. NPR News & Music station WSSW (89.1 FM) in Platteville and Ideas Network stations WHLA (90.3 FM) in La Crosse and WHA (970 AM) in Madison will become WPR News stations.

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