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Wilke set for court dates in 3 counties
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MONROE - William Wilke, 39, jailed in Dane County, originally had a four-day jury trial set for this week but instead had his bond set at $3,800 on Thursday, Feb. 20 so that he can appear at several court dates in Iowa, Dane and Green counties.

Wilke was initially charged with burglary and theft from an incident that occurred Sept. 28, 2012 at a residence in New Glarus. He is accused of stealing an 800-pound safe loaded with guns and more than $150,000 with the help of alleged accomplices, Ryan Coyle and Justin Wenger.

According to court records, Wilke and Wenger rolled the safe down a flight of stairs and into a garage where Coyle was waiting to load up the contraband. Wilke rented a concrete saw in Belleville and opened the safe in Stoughton. Wilke had his share of the stolen cash from the safe stolen from his mother, who was held up by men Wilke allegedly bought cocaine from. The guns were sold out of the area and could not be recovered. Wenger and Coyle face similar charges in relation to the allegations of theft.

Wilke has a sentencing hearing set for April 29.