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Where's Brenda: Feb. 20, 2009
This week's photo

Last Week's Photo


There were 30 correct answers:

Crystal Brandl

Phillip Stewart

Sherry Penniston

Rhonda Stewart

Barbara Makos

Steve Hoesly

Billie Reynolds

Janet Maske

Kathy Bennett

Lucy Roper


Jeanette Zee

Donielle Wellnitz

Shannon MacLennan

Sandra Grossen

Debi Harvey

Diane Martin

Shirley J Canon

Connie Flint

Jami Meyer

Julie Rosenau

Linda J Gebhardt

Heather Siedschlag

Donna Severson

Doreen Weiler

Betsy Keith

Jodi Ward

Becky Granberg

Lucy Huber

Pam Pittz

Every Friday, Times photographer Brenda Steurer will show readers a photo of where she's been. Can you guess where she is? If so, e-mail Editor Jeff Rogers at or post your guess as a Reader Comment. Names of those with correct answers will posted online the following Friday. Good luck!