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Where the streets are named for beer and cheese

MONROE — Could you be living on a Gouda Street?

That’s what city officials briefly considered — naming one of the streets in the new Haven Hills subdivision near the Walmart on the city’s far northwest edge.

Other proposed names presented at the recent Judiciary and Ordinance Committee meeting on the issue included famous beer brands of a bygone era — such as Berghoff, Huber and Augsberger Streets — and more cheese, as in Asiago Street. And who could get lost on Brie Avenue?

But while it was fun for the committee to kick around alternative street names — after all there have not been any new ones in town for quite a while — Mayor Donna Douglas said that, ultimately, the committee is recommending that the full common council adopt a numbered street naming convention, similar to the grid system that already exists throughout town.

Thus, instead of NW Berghoff Street, a new thoroughfare out that direction will likely be called something like ‘W 4th Street North’ or something to that effect.

“Maybe we ought to just keep (beer and cheese) out of the city business, although that is what makes this town so famous,” Douglas said.

The main reason the city decided to go with the more pedestrian, numbered street names has to do with maintaining consistency for the sake of emergency city services, officials said.

“That would have been fun, though, wouldn’t it?” Douglas said.