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Walmart Supercenter taking shape
Times photo: Brenda Steurer The outside of the Walmart Supercenter on Sixth Avenue West gives drivers on Wisconsin 11/81 a view of its coming attractions. Pillars to the west are part of the fenced area for the gardening section.
MONROE - A first-time peek into the new Walmart Supercenter under construction on the city's northwest side shows the new store is on schedule.

Project supervisor Bill Schuman, with Corporate Construction, LTD, said he expects the building to be finished by June, with landscaping and the parking lot to follow and be done by the end of July. Walmart plans to have the store open in late August or early September.

Schuman took a Monroe Times reporter and photographer for a preview of the inside of the superstore Wednesday.

The structural outline of the bakery, deli, seafood and pharmacy areas already are visible. Sections for an in-store Subway and Cost Cutter Family Hair Care also are ready.

Painting the dry wall is yet to be done.

The interior of the building is extremely clean and neat. Schuman said that comes from workers keeping things picked up, which increases safety.

Corporate Construction has 40 to 60 employees working daily on the 155,000-square-foot store.

The colored concrete floor is mechanically cleaned daily, which not only keeps the dust and dirt down, but increases the shine of the floor with every passing.

"The community has been awesome to work with," Schuman said. "Everybody - the engineering department, building inspectors ... everybody."