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Veteran sheriff Pedley won't seek re-election
DARLINGTON - Lafayette County Sheriff Scott Pedley will not seek re-election this year and will step down as sheriff at the end of his term on Jan. 5, 2015.

Pedley, 54, said in a news release that he is choosing to step down at a time when the office runs smoothly. He has been the sheriff for 24 years and will have around 25 years at the end of his term. Pedley has been in Wisconsin law enforcement for 35 years, 27 of those in Lafayette County.

"I'm not unhappy about anything and my health is good," he said.

Pedley said he will continue to work diligently to finish out this term but looks forward to spending more time on his farm and in his freemason society. He said there is an individual from the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department who wishes to run for sheriff and that Pedley has encouraged him to do so. Pedley would not reveal who the individual is, wishing to allow that person to make the announcement.

Pedley said he will not retire at the end of his term but is interested in seeking employment in the private sector. He said there have been prospects but none that he can comment on.

"I'm 54 years of age and there are opportunities out there, and I'm in the position to be very choosy," he said.

Pedley said he has been encouraged to run in the Senate race but has no interest in doing so. He said his career in law enforcement has been a "phenomenal" experience and that he will stay engaged with people.

"I thoroughly enjoy people, and I am not just going to shut down and be an introvert," he said.