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Travel Channel show to feature Baumgartner's
MONROE - The Baumgartner Cheese Store and Tavern is returning to cable television, less than two years after Larry the Cable Guy featured it on his History Channel show "Only in America."

Baumgartner's signature limburger sandwich is one of eight iconic meals to be featured during a cheese-centric episode of the Travel Channel show "Food Paradise." It airs this Wednesday, March 6, at 9 p.m.

Other featured meals include a triple-decker grilled cheese in Cleveland, lobster-stuffed mac 'n' cheese in New York and fondue at the Melting Pot restaurant franchise.

"We were the only one in a small town, for any episode," said Chris Soukup, co-owner of Baumgartner's.

A Travel Channel crew of five spent four hours in Monroe at Baumgartner's last spring filming the segment, interviewing staff about the store's cheeses and 82-year history and getting footage of a lunch-hour crowd at the bar.

The focus is on the limburger. "Obviously, that's what we're famous for," Soukup said.

In a 2011 episode of his travel show, Larry the Cable Guy compared the taste of Baumgartner's "limburger sammich" to dead possum, then got a lesson in throwing a dollar bill onto the ceiling for charity.