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The 'mayor' of Salman Pak outpost
Photo for the Times: Nathan Webster Sgt. Brian Weber of Gratiot talks with Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Flinner, his platoon sergeant, at his units rugged outpost in the small Iraqi farming city of Salman Pak, 25 miles south of Baghdad. Weber, 27, is the designated mayor of the base. He handles the infrastructure, maintenance and any issues a small-town politician in the U.S. might deal with.
COMBAT OUTPOST CAHILL, Iraq - Two years ago, then-Pvt. Brian Weber sat at a battered picnic table in a bomb-blasted compound in Bayji, Iraq, 125 miles north of Baghdad. Two years later, and now Sgt. Brian Weber will be about halfway to that five years when he ends this second deployment, at 27 months spent in Iraq.