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The grief remains
Tammy Derrickson, director of the Behring Senior Center, holds a portrait of her father who was killed in the Vietnam War in 1967. Derrickson has been putting together a special program to honor veterans of the Vietnam era, including seven young men from Green County who died during the war. "Even though a lot of time has gone by, losing someone to war is something you never really get over," Derrickson said. "There's still all those missed holidays and missed birthdays. It's nice to be able to recognize veterans and their families." (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
MONROE - It's been four decades since the Vietnam War ended, but for many families, the grief of losing a loved one in the conflict remains an everyday presence in their lives. All told, more than 58,000 American troops were killed in Vietnam. Tammy Derrickson of Monroe knows the pain - she is one of an estimated 20,000 children who lost her father during the Vietnam war.