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The Beat: Cars can be dangerous place for pets
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MONROE - If it's hot and humid outside, imagine what it's like inside a vehicle.

It is something seen all too often. A vehicle in a parking lot, windows closed, the sun beating down and a dog barking inside. Even with the windows open slightly, temperature inside the vehicle can be dangerous for an animal.

The Monroe Police Department has responded to calls from people who have seen animals, mainly dogs, inside vehicles during the recent string of hot days. The police respond to the complaints and investigate to determine if the animal is in danger. The police can take possession of the animal if the animal is in danger.

Temperatures inside vehicles can be significantly higher than the temperature outside. According to the Web site, the temperature in a car can reach 120 degrees in a few minutes even with the windows partially open. Pets can quickly suffer brain damage or die due to the heat.

According to the Web site, heat is just one of the possible dangers. Pet thefts are also common.

A few years ago there were several reported cases of pet thefts in Rock County. Smaller dogs were taken to be used to train dogs to fight. The smaller dogs aren't able to put up a fight and the larger dogs learn to kill and get used to the taste of blood.

Anyone who sees an animal inside a vehicle, and thinks the animal could be in danger, should contact their local police department.

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There are still several festivals planned for this summer across the area.

This weekend is Red Cracker Music Fest in South Wayne. There are games, ball tournaments, music and a talent show scheduled. There are other activities to entertain people who want to come to the park on the east side of the village Friday night and Saturday. The money raised from the event helps pay for improvements at the park.

Local festivals provide a "small-town flavor" to visitors who want something to do for a few hours without the expense of a long ride in the car.

Red Cracker Music Fest kicks off at 6 p.m. Friday.

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Trinity Lutheran Church is celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday, Aug. 3 at the church, located at 304 School Street, in Blanchardville.

Worship services will be held at 10 a.m. There is a potluck dinner at noon followed by a program at 2 p.m.