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Sundays added to cab service
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Editor's note: The following story includes corrected information.

MONROE - Taxi services in Monroe will be expanded to include ride time on Sundays beginning this weekend.

Monroe Cab Co. will offer tax service between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. under the latest contract approved Monday with the city's Finance and Taxation Committee.

The change signals an acknowledgment of public comments made during the planning process for the city's most recent comprehensive plan. City officials said a number of people requested additional cab transportation services on Sundays, something not offered previously.

Monroe's taxi services provide transportation for individuals; people who are financially covered by certain agencies for transportation; and it will additionally transport items infrequently, such as returning a wheelchair to a medical facility after transporting a fare.

Currently the city subsidizes the company through the use of federal and state funding in order to provide a taxi service within the city. However, if individual fares make up for its operational costs, the company does not request additional funding from the city.

Trip costs for agency fares have increased with the 2016 contract from a flat rate of $4.50 to $5.65. The rates for regular riders will remain the same: $3 per adults with $1.75 for an additional rider, $2 for a senior citizen, $2.25 for students and a $5 flat rate during the late-night bar shift.