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Student Notebook: Super-Duper Poems
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The following poems are from first-graders at St. Victor School in Monroe.

I am a chimera

ferocious and scary.

I eat you up.

I nap in a cave.

I can fly.

I am a chimera.

- Jack Mann

I am a horse

fast and cool.

I get loved.

I get trained.

I can give you rides.

I am a horse.

- Sonia Tomasiewicz

Feed, shelter, play

Bathe, read, move

I love to take care of eraser-man.

- Kurtis Wuethrich

I am a dog

nice and fun.

I like to kiss you.

I like to go on walks.

I can run super-fast.

I am a dog.

- Catherine Schuppner


Colorful presents under the tree

Lovely Christmas carols

Delicious candy baking

Pretty presents

Delicious Candy


- Gracie Hertzke

I am a cat

fluffy and white.

I cuddle.

I sleep on your lap.

I can lick.

I am a cat.

- Gianna Green


Fun, fast

Flipping, running, jumping

I love doing it.


- Aubrie Voegeli

I am a cat

fluffy and cute.

I can scratch you, too.

I even play all day.

I can attack you.

I am a cat.

- Macie Engels

Cheese Park

Shining sun

Sweet birds

Good picnics

Warm air

Excellent sandwiches

Cheese Park

- Aaron Benzschawel


Soft, good

Snuggling, sleeping, watching

I love him!


- Honora Hubert


Strong, smart

Hurrying, rushing, saving

I like them.


- Teylon Hampton

I am a horse

fast and brave.

I listen.

I play.

I can be careful.

I am a horse.

- Violet Lewis

I am a horse

big and fun.

I ride in the sun.

I eat in the sun.

I can run.

I am a horse.

- Itzel Ayala-Soriano

I am a butterfly

with orange and black spots.

I fly.

I travel.

I can help feed flowers.

I am a butterfly.

- Delaney Hoeper

I am a bat

dark and mean.

I fly in the night.

I nap on a tree.

I can hang upside down.

I am a bat.

- Alexis Biba

Run, yell, hop

Walk, giggle, leap

I love gym.

- Michael Strauch

St. Patrick's Day

Green clovers

Lucky leprechauns

Green goodies on the shelf

Green grass

Cream soda float

St. Patrick's Day

- Joseph Rufenacht