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Student Notebook: My dad
Drawing by Rachel Andersen, a fifth-grade student at Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Academy in Monroe.
By Rachel Andersen

My dad is a wonderful dad. His name is Tim. My dad is a great person. He's loving, careing and he loves our family from the end of the earth & back. My dad served in the army for awile. Mom and dad adopted me & Jessie. I realy don't know much about that. My dad works for Dean Foods he delivers dairy products to part of Illinois and part of Wisconsin. He's worked for Deans as long as I can remember. In the summer when he has too bring chocolate milk home for a 4-H meeting or for the fair he brings the milk truck home. Its blue whith the Deans logo on the side.

When my dad does bring chocolate milk for 4-H he brings 2 coolers and whatever the members dont drink We bring it home and we will finish the rest. My dad goes to twin garden farms & gets corn we feed it to the pigs and we go trough it & whatever is good we give it to my mom and she cooks it and we eat it for dinner. My dad is a great man. He's a great dad too. I love him from the ends of the earth and back

Love you daddy

From: Rachel

- Rachel Andersen is a firth-grader at Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Academy in Monroe