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Stop sign to change popular three-way
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MONROE - A new traffic signal was ordered to be installed at the intersection of 6th Street and 20th Avenue by the city Monday after an evaluation of the future plans of a longtime facility within the city.

All nine members of Monroe Common Council voted Tuesday to approve the recommendation from the city Salary and Personnel Committee. Police Chief Fred Kelley explained to aldermen that Monroe Clinic requested a sign at the busy three-way stop because of the renovation project currently underway.

"The concern is that traffic starts to back up between 5th Street and 6th Street," Kelley said at the meeting. "Instead of just looking at it as construction, we looked over future plans. It seemed to warrant a traffic stop there."

A portion of 5th Street between 20th and 22nd Avenue was vacated by the city August 1. Kelley said because of this, "it made sense" to make the intersection a four-way stop to keep traffic flowing.

The three-way stop had previously allowed drivers heading north on 20th Avenue toward 6th Street to continue forward or turn in either direction. With the change, those traveling slightly downhill will have to stop as well. The additional signal will require each vehicle to take turns at a stop before proceeding, reducing the condensed traffic in the 500 block of 20th Avenue.

Alderman Ron Marsh joked during the council proceeding Monday that there may need to be extra notification, possibly red flags, to indicate to drivers they are no longer allowed to proceed at an increased speed as they have in the past.