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Signs: Be a pooper scooper
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MONROE - Canines and their owners are going to want to start paying particular attention to obeying the law - particularly downtown.

The Board of Public Works approved a one-year permit for Main Street Monroe to post signs reminding pet owners of the city regulations for keeping their pets on leashes and for cleaning up waste deposited by four-legged friends.

In their request for approval, members of the Monroe Main Street Design Committee said the signs will "allow our law enforcement team to enforce the law." Board members said the organization will be responsible for watching for violations, above and beyond what the city police department can do.

Main Street has selected 4-inch by 6-inch, engraved, plastic signs, which will be attached to metal stakes and placed in the tree boxes around the Square. The organization will purchase the signs, at $16.25 each, from its design committee budget.

Some board members noted that the tree boxes around the Square have become depositories for all kinds of waste, including cigarette butts.

Main Street plans to have the signs in place before winter, but the laws are already on the books and enforceable.

- Tere Dunlap