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Sidewalks must be cleared after storms
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MONROE - Property owners have about 24 to 48 hours after a snow fall to have their sidewalks cleared, before police get involved.

Police Chief Fred Kelley said snow is to be removed from sidewalks "as soon as possible" after a snowfall.

Residents are usually given a day or two before police respond.

According to Kelley, if a sidewalk is not being maintained in the winter, the resident is contacted, in person or with a door tag, about the situation.

If the snow is not removed, police can issue a citation, which can cost about $160.

Police also make an effort to contact the owners, in the event the property is being rented or under some other legal status, such as receivership.

If the snow is still not removed, city crews are called out to remove the snow, and property owners are charged for the city's work. If the bill is not paid, the cost is added to the property's tax bill.