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Schools adjust calendars for snow days
MONROE - Most local school districts are expecting to tweak their school calendars to account for loss of class time due to snowstorms this winter.

The Monroe school district originally planned to dismiss school on an early-release day Wednesday, June 5. The calendar, which is approved a year in advance, built in three snow make-up days to be used as needed. Using all three of the days would mean the last day of school would be Monday, June 10.

Unfortunately, the district has already surpassed those three days.

"We have had four snow days so far this year. We project that this will push the last day of school out to June 10, although no formal plan has been determined yet," said Joe Monroe, Director of Pupil Services for Monroe School District. "Once we have moved past the winter weather, (Superintendent) Cory Hirsbrunner will make a final determination about the schedule."

Albany, Argyle and Black Hawk will be taking the issue of make-up days to the board.

Monticello's superintendent, Karen Ballin, said her district is still "right on line" for students finishing up Thursday, June 6. The teachers, however, will have to decide when to schedule 1.5 days of in-service. The district scheduled three snow days.

Pecatonica is dealing with loss of class time with a method unique among the school districts. District Administrator Denise Wellnitz said her district is meeting the required number of days, but it is adding minutes to the high school classes - eight minutes a day, spread out among each period - to meet Department of Public Instruction requirements.

"We start a little earlier and get out a little later, and it adds about one minute to each class period," she said.

Brodhead had three snow days and will make up two of them, pushing its last day of classes out to Monday, June 10, according to Tanya Buttke, the school's executive secretary.

Juda is considering whether to make up one day during spring break or at the end of the year. It had three snow days built in to its calendar, with a last day scheduled for Friday, May 31.

Willy Chambers, superintendent at Black Hawk, said one make-up day may be scheduled Tuesday, April 2 during spring break or at the end of the year on Monday, June 3.

Pecatonica had two snow days built in and expects to schedule one makeup day at the end of the year on Wednesday, June 5.

Information from the New Glarus school district was not available.