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Scam targets members of BadgerCare Plus
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MADISON - Consumers should be on the lookout for calls from scammers who request their bank account information while claiming to represent the State of Wisconsin and the BadgerCare Plus health care program.

BadgerCare Plus members in the Fox Valley were recently told that they were eligible for a $200 stipend from the state and were asked for their bank account information in order to make the deposit. When the call recipients refused to turn over that information, the calls were disconnected.

The BadgerCare Plus program is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Anyone who legitimately calls individuals from the BadgerCare Plus program will already have account information, but they may ask those individuals to verify their birthdate to ensure they are talking with the correct person.

Never provide financial information over the phone unless calls are initiated by the caller.

For more information or to file a complaint, visit, email or call 800-422-7128. The Consumer Protection Bureau is also on Facebook at