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Say thanks to retiring Monroe educators
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The following employees will be retiring at the end of the school year, according to the Monroe school district. Take the opportunity below to submit a Reader Comment thanking the district personnel and congratulating them on their retirement. Some of the comments may be published in an upcoming edition of The Monroe Times:• Lynn Rufenacht, Northside fourth grade, 38.5 years with the district• Jerry Guth, MHS social studies, 36 years• Jim Brunette, Parkside principal, 35.5 years• Launa Carter, MHS English, 35 years• Barb Freund, Northside first-grade teacher, 35 years• Randy Sievert, MMS band instructor, 35 years• Todd Trampe, MHS English teacher, 35 years• Tom Schilt, MHS band instructor, 34.5 years• Laura Molitor, Parkside third-grade teacher, 33.5 years• Lee Binkley, Northside fifth-grade teacher, 33 years• Patra Smith, Abe Lincoln IEA aide, 31 years• Patti Casselberry, MMS English, 30 years• Hollie Pickett, district accounting secretary, 30 years• Maralyn Martin, Parkside library specialist/EINA aide, 28 years• Ella Ellefson, Parkside instructional aide/playground, 26 years• JoAnn Hawthorn, Abe Lincoln - speech/language clinician, 25.5 years• Margie Brunette, Virtual School teacher, 23.5 years• Jana Miller, public library, 23 years• Linda Knepel, Abe Lincoln EBNA aide, 21 years• Carol Botteron, MMS EINA aide, 10 years• Gene Haffele, MHS science