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Safeguards in place after alleged theft by ex-employee
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MONROE - Green County Human Services (GCHS) Director Greg Holcomb announced Friday that procedures have changed to protect clients from theft.The changes were made in July 2008 after former GCHS employee Denise Kohn, 42, Monroe, allegedly transferred money from clients' accounts to pay for a home mortgage.Holcomb has waited to release details of the changes until after Green County District Attorney Gary Luhman issued a news release about the case against Kohn. Holcomb said he didn't want to jeopardize the investigation.Green County Circuit Court records allege Kohn, who was employed as a services specialist, transferred more than $11,000 from a joint account of human services clients to pay a loan for her home Oct. 26, 2006. She took more than $12,500 from clients to pay on home loan in November 2007.Court records also allege she gave false statements to Green County Sheriff's Department detectives when they questioned her in July 2008.Holcomb said in response to the charges, which first became known to GCHS in July 2008, "safeguards" were put in place.• Joint accounts for clients no longer are used.