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Roe Farms to host annual Breakfast
MONROE - Green County Agricultural Chest has announced that this year's Green County Breakfast on the Farm will be hosted by Roe Farms Partnership in Monticello, marking the first time a non-dairy farm has ever hosted the event.

Breakfast co-chairman Craig Kamholz said the organization's selection of Roe Farms, which mainly produces corn and soybeans, fits precisely with what the event is all about - dairy or no dairy.

"Green County Breakfast on the Farm is not a dairy breakfast," Kamholz said. "It is to help promote agriculture in Green County. For many years the agriculture industry was dominant in Green County, and that is not so much the case anymore.

"We want to make sure we are advocates for all types of farming in Green County."

Roe Farms, located at 5670 Gutzmer Rd., is owned and operated by Dan and Sally Roe, their children Natalie, Nick and Alex, as well as Dan's parents Don and Karen Roe.

This year's Breakfast is set for Saturday, May 31. Donations to the event can be sent to Green County Breakfast on the Farm, P.O. Box 34, Belleville, WI 53508.

Sally Roe said the family was honored by the selection and has already started planning for the event, which draws thousands of people annually. Sally said she and her husband Dan, who is the president of the Wisconsin Soybean Association, and the rest of the family are looking forward to sharing what they do on the farm and how they do it.

"We're very excited to share and try to educate people about farming - why we do it, why we love to do it, and hopefully people can come and learn something they didn't know."

Sally said the family feels strongly about promoting the agriculture industry as a whole - whether it's a grain farm or dairy farm. But at the end of the day, the Breakfast is about community.

"We just want people to come, have a great breakfast and have a great time, and maybe learn something in the process," she said.

About 5,000 people attended Breakfast on the Farm in 2013, held at Southern Ridge Cow Palace. Roe Farms is located right off Wisconsin 69, so the family believes their farm will provide a nice central location for those who travel to the event.

"It will be a lot of people, but we are looking forward to the challenge," Sally said. "And I hope spring comes soon."