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Quilting for a purpose
Mackenzie Bechtolt, daughter of Steve Bechtolt, is raffling off a red and black quilt to raise money for the South Wayne Fire Department, which hopes to use the funds to help purchase an extracting washing machine in the near future. Pictured, from left, is South Wayne Fire Chief Eric Berget, Mackenzie Bechtolt, Jeremy Meier(on his knee), Candie Gross and Steve Bechtolt. (Photo supplied)
SOUTH WAYNE - After hearing the South Wayne Fire Department was looking into getting an extracting washing machine, the wheels in Mackenzie Bechtolt's mind were turning. She hopes to use her quilt-making skills to raise money to help the department pay for it.

All of the proceeds from the tickets sold for the quilt Bechtolt made will go to the fire department. The winning ticket will be chosen Saturday. Tickets are $5 for one and $20 for five tickets.

Although Bechtolt is a few years shy of joining the ranks as a Junior Firefighter, she loves being part of the department and has given herself the honorary title.

"I really like coming down and helping them in any way I can," she said.

She understands how much the anticipated washing machine is needed. Firefighter gear can get exposed to all types of materials and other hazardous things when encountering a fire. This washing machine extracts such substances from the gear.

The washing machine will cost about $6,000, but Bechtolt is working to raise $4,000 because other funds have been received through the village and township.

With some help from her mother, Marne, who runs Marne's Custom Quilting, Mackenzie was able to put the quilt together in the signature Black Hawk school colors of red and black.

Those who wish to purchase a ticket before the drawing should contact the Woodford State Bank in South Wayne or call 608-214-5842.