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Painting is in his blood
Robert Verdonck holds his dog, Tobias, in front of one of his paintings in his home. "When I'm painting," Verdonck says, "I feel like I'm in my own kind of world." To order either of these photos, click here. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
Faced with a stone wall and a shelf of supplies behind him, 76-year-old Robert Verdonck spends his time sitting before a propped easel in the basement of his Monroe home with a brush in his right hand, filling in the scene of a bar from his former home in Sugar Camp. The town, where Verdonck lived for 27 years, is about 14 miles north of Rhinelander, in the Northwoods. The bar scene began with a photo taken years ago, while assorted friends and family sat discussing the events of the day.