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NG school votes to lower the tax levy
NEW GLARUS - The New Glarus School District opted for a lower levy amount for the 2014-15 school year on Monday at the district's annual meeting.

Voters unanimously approved $4.31 million to be collected by taxes, about $161,000, or 3.6 percent, less compared to $4.47 million last year.

Based on equalized property values reported last year, district taxpayers can expect a school tax of about $11.61 per $1,000 of property value.

That means the owner of a $150,000 home will pay about $1,742 in school taxes, and the owner of property valued at $250,000 will pay $2,903.

Property owners last year paid $11.63 per $1,000 of property value.

Of the levied amount, the general fund will take $3.64 million, about $20,300 less than last year. The referendum debt service fund will use $586,900, or $143,000 less, and non-referendum debt service will take up $75,000, just $2,000 more compared to last year. The Community Service Fund will use $11,000, the same as last year.

The district's net expenditures for all funds are estimated to be $11.76 million, up 1 percent, or $118,000, compared to the 2013-14 school budget. Interfund transfers of $841,000 lowers the gross expenditures of $12.6 million. Last year the district used $802,000 in interfund transfers to lower gross expenditures of $12.44 million.

General Fund expenditures are budgeted at $9.9 million, an increase of $170,000, or 1.74 percent, compared to $9.7 million last year.

Curriculum funding is up 4 percent compared to last year, to $5.1 million. About $109,000 of the extra $198,400 for 2014-15 goes mostly to undifferentiated curriculum for a total of $1.99 million. Regular curriculum received $36,000 more this year, to reach $2.4 million total for the 2014-15 year. Vocational courses also will get $38,000 more for a total of $345,000.

Support services funds, under the general fund, are budgeted at $3.8 million, down $31,500 compared to last year. The business administration takes an $80,900 hit, leaving it with $1.6 million. Pupil and instructional staff services, general administration and school building administration will get slightly more.

Special Projects funding is also higher, about $99,000 or 7.6 percent, up from $1.3 million to $1.4 million. About $950,000 is in instructional and $440,000 is in support services.

Debt Service will be down by $152,000 compared to last year. The district will spend about $717,000 in 2014-15. About $619,000 goes to long-term capital debt, and the remaining $98,000 goes toward other long-term general obligation bonds.

The Capital Project spending will increase to $100,000, up $69,700 compared to $30,000 spent last year. The money goes toward support services.

The Community Service Fund will spend $11,000, with revenues equaling expenditures.

Revenues totaling $9.85 million coming in to the General Fund this year include $5.3 million, about 2.8 percent, or $145,400 more than last year. The district will receive 54 percent more categorical state aid, $183,200 for this year, compared to $118,400 last year.