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NG Greater Dane Anthology winners
NG submissions picked for publication twice average for all 30 districts
New Glarus students were named recently as winners of the Greater Dane Anthology Program. Picture: Sixth grade inners, back row, from left, Leah Missig, Tove Wiederholtz, Arlo Belknap, Eva Gruenenfelder and Troy Bertling. Front row, from left, Anneliese Ramirez, Avery Severson, Maddie Austin, Mya Clark. Missing from the photo is Kaliah Stelter and Lyndon Teasdale.

Published submissions

New Glarus students in grades 5-8 that participated with success in the Greater Dane Anthology Project: 

■ Ashton Goecks, 5th Grade, “Move Your Soul”, Cartoon

■ Harper Sysko, 5th Grade, “Rolling the Dice”, Poem

■ Anya Morrison, 5th Grade, “Burn”, Poem

■ Avery Severson, 6th Grade, “Rain Creates Beauty”, Cartoon

■ Kaliah Stelter, 6th Grade, “Dandelion”, Poem

■ Anneliese Ramirez, 6th Grade, “Hope in Darkness”, Poem

■ Tove Wiederholtz, 7th Grade, “In the First Place”, Art

■ Troy Bertling, 7th Grade, “The Messenger”, Poem

■ Maddie Austin, 7th Grade, “Rose”, Poem

■ Arlo Belknap, 7th Grade, “The Journey”, Poem

■ Mya Clark, 8th Grade, “Swans”, Poem

■ Lyndon Teasdale, 8th Grade, “A Girl’s Departure”, Poem

■ Leah Missig, 8th Grade, “Dear Grandfather, Why?”, Poem

■ Eva Gruenenfelder, 8th Grade, “Happy Place”, Poem

NEW GLARUS — New Glarus students in grades 5-8 participated in the Greater Dane Anthology Project recently. Every year, students from over 30 school districts submit entries for potential publication in the Greater Dane Anthology. This collection of student work celebrates outstanding art, cartoons, editorials, short stories, and poems written by area fifth through eighth graders. 

Judging for this year’s contest was held at Oregon High School. There were nearly 500 submissions and only 30% of those were chosen for publication.

New Glarus had tremendous success with the submissions, with a publication rate for submissions over 60%. 

Each year, one piece of writing from each grade level is selected to be read at an awards ceremony in the spring. This year, a New Glarus student, Leah Missig, was chosen to be one of the four readers at that event.