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National Historic Cheesemaking Center: Helvetia plant work force
Photo supplied by the National Historic Cheesemaking Center
The Helvetia Milk Condensing plant of New Glarus, purchased in 1910 from the New Glarus limburger cheese factory, contracted with 15 patrons to haul milk. It supplied 5,000 pounds during the first few months and increased to its peak of 160,000 pounds daily in 1922. Helvetia Milk Condensing was renamed the Pet Milk Company in 1923. The New Glarus location made cans for all eight Wisconsin Pet Milk locations. In 1962, Pet Milk Company announced the closing of its plant in New Glarus. The photo, taken in 1912, shows the work force at the plant and was shared with the National Historic Cheesemaking Center by Richard Schindler of Monroe. Those identified are: Front row, from left: Fred Bauman, Anna Klassy, Mrs. Giles Wallen, Mrs. Otto Trasch, Mrs. Paul Gehrig, Mrs. Werner Elmer, Anna Grunder, Mrs. Rose Opfermann, Mrs. Elmer Glenn, Louise Mitmon, Anna Bauman, William Grunder, Walter Schindler, LeRoy Kubly, Gottlieb Grunder. Second Row: Phillip N. Marty, Roy Marty, Hugo F. Beichel, Paul E. Jackson, John Zopf, Fritz Kaeser, E. F. Kaeser, Casper Fiez, Henry M. Schmid, William Campbell, John G. Bruni, Arthur J. Gmur and William Klassy. Third Row: unidentified employee, Ernest Mueller, Henry Klassy, Emil Kubly, Henry Opfermann, Martin Opfermann, Gabe Schiesser, John Biggert, Henry Fischer, Albert Wolf, unidentified employee, unidentified employee and Jacob Bruni. Last Row: Martin Betz, Otto Habeli, John Marty, Oliver Stamm, Fred Huber, Baltz Duerst, Henry Geiger, Jake Tricler and an unidentified employee. Any further identifications, questions or comments may be directed to Mary Ann Hanna at 608-325-4324 or nhcchistory@yahoo.