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National Historic Cheesemaking Center: Farmer's Grove Cheese Company
Photo supplied by the National Historic Cheesemaking Center
The Farmer's Grove Cheese Company, located in York Township east of Postville at County Roads H and A, made mainly Swiss, limburger and muenster cheeses. The earliest known cheesemaker was John Burkhard in 1894, followed by John C. Steinmann, Alfred Arn, Adolph Zimmerman from 1934-1945, Ernest Weiland from 1945-1955, Roy Stettler from 1955-1973 and Dennis Wyssbrod from 1973-1975. Salesmen were Jacob Becker and Serey Rhymer, and the cheese-buyer was Ed Wenger. Questions, comments or any further information regarding the Farmer's Grove Cheese Company may be directed to Mary Ann Hanna at 608-325-4324 or email at