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More frigid temps in store
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MONROE - Don't let the recent respite from Arctic temperatures fool you - another round of subzero temperatures is coming our way.

The National Weather Service reports another blast of frigid air is expected through the central and eastern United States this week, bringing low temperatures below the zero mark for much of this week.

The forecast calls for a high of 19 and a low of 4 for today, Feb. 24. The mercury will dip lower Tuesday, Feb. 25 with a low temperature of -10. The high is expected to be 14.

Low temperatures on Wednesday, Feb. 26 and Thursday, Feb. 27 will be -2 and -7, respectively, while the high is expected to hit just 9 degrees both days.

Temperatures may warm just slightly for the weekend: Friday, Feb. 28 has a high of 12 predicted, and a low of -3. On Saturday, March 1, the high will be 13, and the low should hit zero.