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More dead cats found
A member of the Monroe Fire Department prepares to enter a residence on 19th Street on Thursday that was condemned earlier this week after 55 cats were discovered there. Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley said the fire department was there to retrieve additional evidence and that a decontamination of the building is still some time away. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
MONROE - Investigators found 35 dead kittens and six dead adult cats in a freezer as the investigation into a case of animal hoarding in Monroe continued Thursday.

Monroe police, helped by Monroe firefighters, conducted the search Thursday at 1106 19th St. One additional dead cat was found in the garage. Two more live cats were secured and taken to the Green County Humane Society, Police Chief Fred Kelley said in a news release issued late Thursday evening.

Officials, wearing hazardous material gear due to dangerously unsanitary conditions, seized nearly 50 cats on Monday, after neighbors complained of the stench coming from the home.

Kelley said one of the live cats seized during Monday's raid had to be euthanized due to its health condition. The number of live cats taken Monday and Thursday totals 50; 42 dead cats and kittens have also been discovered in the residence.

The residence, owned by Delores Marti, 78, is considered uninhabitable for now. Marti has been involved in three other animal hoarding incidents in the city: In October 2009, she was keeping 51 cats between two other homes in Monroe. The other incidents were in June 2012 and August 2013.

The cats found in the home are being sheltered by the humane society. Marti is scheduled to appear in court today for a hearing to determine if she will face charges. The status of the cats that have been seized is also expected to be determined.

The investigation into any potential charges or actions, as well as the status of the home, are ongoing, Kelley said.