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Monroe school board: Dec. 14, 2009
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MONROE - On Monday, Dec. 14, the Monroe School Board:

• Learned the district will spend just $100,230 to advertise the Monroe Virtual School throughout the state this year. About $50,000 will be spent to purchase television spots in Madison and Milwaukee, with an additional $10,500 spent on online advertising. The rest of the money will be spent on televisions spots in markets such as Green Bay, Wausau and the La Crosse-Eau Claire area. It also includes $1,500 for radio spots and $5,500 for printing course catalogs. Business Administrator Ron Olson said people who contact the virtual school primarily report they heard about the school through word of mouth, online and television. Last year the district spent $93,000 on advertising; however, Olson said the district needs to continually work to attract and retain students to the school.

• Heard a recent audit conducted by Reffue, Pas, Jacobson and Koster, a certified public accounting firm in Monroe, was favorable for the district, with no recommendations for changes made in its report.

• Approved adopting the proposed financial literacy curriculum to meet recently-issued state standards. Beginning with the class of 2012, Monroe High School students will need to take one-half credit of a personal finance course. They will have their choice of three course offerings: Economics, On Your Own, and Personal Finance. The half-credit requirement would be included in, not in addition to, the 24 credits currently required for graduation.

• Agreed to drop a one-semester Advanced Accounting class at MHS in lieu of adding a one-year College Accounting class that's in an Advanced Placement pilot program. A decision on whether the class will be accepted as an AP class is expected in 2012.

• Accepted a donation of $850 from the Monroe Optimist Club to support he Prairie Fire Children's Theater workshop held in November.

• Hired Rhonda Stagliano as tray washer at Monroe Middle School.