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Monroe man faces charges for battery and strangulation
MONROE - Thomas John Ott, 49, Monroe, faces a Class H felony count of strangulation, misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and battery and four Class H felony counts of bail jumping after a string of incidents throughout December.

The strangulation, disorderly conduct and battery charges arose on Dec. 5, when Ott reportedly assaulted a woman at a Monroe residence, allegedly throwing her into a table, punching her in the face and squeezing her throat. The victim said the motive behind the assault was uncertain, as Ott had become increasingly abusive and erratic recently, and was allegedly drinking a large amount of vodka daily.

After his arrest, Ott signed an $8,000 signature bond with conditions that he neither consume alcohol nor have any contact with the victim, both conditions he violated during incidents on Dec. 9, 12, 23 and Thursday. Three of the incidents occurred when Ott was found drinking, although the incident on the Dec. 12 occurred when Ott called the victim, requesting she bring him some clothes.

The most recent incident, on Thursday, has not yet incurred charges.

The maximum possible sentence for all Ott's charges is 15 years in prison. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 10.