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Monroe City Council: Oct. 10, 2018
News Brief

MONROE — On Oct. 1, the Monroe Common Council: 

n Tabled the evaluation and selection of maintaining or choosing a new health insurance provider for city employees.

 Approved change orders no. 1 and 2 with Precision Drive Control for traffic signal improvements on 21st Street and Wisconsin 69. Change order no. 1 adjusted the price from an incorrectly quoted figure of $980 for a traffic control panel, which actually costs $9,800. The contract remained under budget despite an increase from $149,000 to nearly $158,000. No. 2 was a request to replace a concrete base for one of the traffic signals due to an incorrect bolt pattern. The work for a new concrete base, sidewalk replacement and restoration was estimated at roughly $1,600, which increased the project costs to over $159,000, though it remained under budget.

♦ Authorized a resolution for funding urban/community forestry or catastrophe projects through a grant application by interim Parks Supervisor Matt Skibba to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The grant’s uses would include removal of trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer, reduced costs for new plantings by residents and treatments of trees not yet dead though suffering the effects of the ash borer. 

♦ Held closed session discussion to consult with an attorney regarding the lawsuit between the city and KPH Environmental and Construction of Milwaukee over the failed flooring project at City Hall. Council members did not come back to open session before adjourning the meeting.