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Monroe City Council: March 22, 2016
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MONROE - On March 15, the Monroe Common Council:

• Heard information from Ehlers, the financial advisory company to the city, regarding investment income and the possibility of changing the amount it reserves from the general fund for emergencies. Lowering the amount even slightly would need to be accompanied by a plan for growth, experts said.

• Repealed and recreated city code to include a piece of land by the Monroe Municipal Airport as Ward 10, Aldermanic District 1. The land has been owned by the city, but was not properly annexed. After it was annexed at the end of 2015, the state was notified. Per state requirement, even though no one resides there, the city must assign a ward and alder district to the land.

• Approved a change in city code to allow the council to issue a special event permit fee at certain times in order to offer less of a fee to charitable organizations.

• Denied a claim made by resident Newton Keenan, who had requested the city pay for plumbing services after city employees were working along the block of his residence before his system malfunctioned.

• Narrowly approved a new insurance agency. The Municipal Property Insurance Company of Wisconsin currently covers 290 state municipalities and Green County, and was recommended by city clerk Carol Stamm, city administrator Phil Rath and assistant city administrator Martin Shanks as the best option.

• Approved installing a handicapped parking stall in the 1100 block of 17th Avenue.

- Bridget Cooke