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Monroe City Council
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MONROE - In a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Board of Public Works:- Approved bills from Whitney Tree Service, Monroe, for $5,930 for tree removal and trimming and from Veolia Environmental Services for $1,330 for recycling.- Recommended to the council to hire Town & Country Engineering, Inc. to perform construction inspection services for the Lakeside Heights project, for an estimated cost of between $58,000 and $62,000.- Recommended to the council to hire Midwest Electrical Testing and Maintenance Co., Inc., Milwaukee, for $20,300 to perform electrical testing services at the wastewater treatment plant.- Reviewed quotes for 2012 construction materials and voted 3 to 2 not to purchase materials from Anglin Trucking, Monroe, which had the low bid in all categories except asphalt concrete pavement. The committee voted 3 to 2 to purchase materials from the next lowest bidders in those categories: 75 tons each of aggregate base and sub-base at $6.45 per ton from Rock Road Companies, Inc.; 75 tons each of clear stone aggregate base and crushed limestone at $9.80 per ton from Reese Construction; and 1,300 tons of birdseye pea gravel at $9.50 per ton from Janesville Sand and Gravel Co. The second lowest bids add about $390 to the total cost of the materials.