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MHS graduate directs hit Sundance film
Monroe High School graduate Dave McCary awaits the premiere of his directoral debut "Brigsby Bear" at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 23. The venue with 1,500 audience members filled with applause as the credits rolled and some reviews have called the film an instant cult classic. Sony Pictures Classics won out with a $5 million bid to purchase the movie against other companies, such as Netflix, and plans a summer theater release for the movie. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - Dave McCary claimed he never set out to make movies for a living when he began at a young age with short films, but slowly the habit developed into a career. McCary made a big impression at the Sundance Film Festival when the movie he directed, "Brigsby Bear," earned joyful reviews and a $5 million purchase deal from Sony Pictures Classics after its premiere on Jan. 23. Monroe resident Vicki Phillips attended the festival to see her son debut his first feature film.