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Local Election Results
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GREEN COUNTYELECTION RESULTSCourt of Appeals, District 4- Joanne Kloppenburg: 4,484- Write-in votes: 218Green County BoardDistrict 1- Dennis L. Everson: 183District 2- Timothy D. Davis: 173- Write-in votes: 3District 3- John Glynn: 292- Write-in votes: 1District 4- Jerry Guth: 178- Write-in votes: 1District 5- Mary Alice Hart: 190- Write-in votes: 1District 6- Michael L. Furgal: 125- Write-in votes: 4District 7- Dennis Dalton: 157- Write-in votes: 2District 8- Sue Disch: 220- Write-in votes: 1District 9- Richard Thoman: 114District 10- Oscar G. Olson: 111District 11- Patrick Davis: 122District 12- Harvey Mandel: 168- Write-in votes: 6District 13- Jeff Williams: 216- Paula Vestin: 50- Write-in votes: 1District 14- Kenneth Hodgson: 138District 15- Sherri Fiduccia: 125District 16- Arthur F. Carter: 117District 17- Steve Stettler: 214- Write-in: 4District 18- Barb Krattiger: 205District 19- Ronald D. Wolter: 213District 20- Calvin Wickline: 232- Write-in: 3District 21- Russ Torkelson: 126- Write-in: 5District 22- Harvey W. Kubly: 178District 23- John Koopmans: 109District 24- Gordon Klossner: 153District 25- Ronald Syse: 146- Write-in: 2District 26- Ted Fahey: 168- Write-in: 1District 27- Roger Truttmann: 134- Write-in: 2District 28- Beth Luchsinger: 139District 29- Betty Grotophorst: 116- Write-in: 2District 30- Ray Francois: 126- Write-in votes: 4District 31- Herb Hanson: 165- Write-in votes: 6Village of Albany Municipal Judge- A.B. Abe Runaas: 246- Write-in votes: 1Village of Albany Trustee(three seats open)- Rod Sutherland: 101- Virginia Detra: 78- Write-in votes: 33Town of New Glarus Supervisor 3 - Jim Hoesly: 197- Write-in votes: 3Town of New Glarus Supervisor 4- Robert Elkins: 190- Write-in votes: 1Village of Browntown Trustee(two seats open)- James Dorsey: 22- Cheri Hodgson: 24- Write-in votes: 6Village of Monticello Trustee (three seats open)- Randy C. Halvorsen: 172- Write-in votes: 21Village of New Glarus Trustee (three seats open)- Joan Betz: 224- Kevin Budsberg: 217- Greg Thoemke: 207- Write-in votes: 9City of Brodhead Mayor- Douglas Pinnow: 430- Ric Genthe: 350- Write-in votes: 3City of Brodhead Alder, Ward 4- Shelly Kuhl: 39- Steve Peterson: 64- Write-in votes: 1City of Brodhead Alder, Ward 5- Mark W. Coplein: 66- Richard Hale: 47- Jay K. Bohan: 7City of Brodhead Alder, Ward 6- Write-in votes: 23City of Brodhead Municipal Judge- Roger Searls: 652- Write-in votes: 7Albany School Board(two seats open)- Adam Kopp: 243- Andy Knauf: 197- Edward J. Maksym, Jr.: 181- Write-in votes: 6Argyle School Board(two seats open)- Loren Bruehlman: 58- Stanton Bigelow: 44- Write-in votes: 2Belleville School Board (Green County results)- Garth Langhammer: 187- Joyce Ziehli: 163- Elizabeth Lowery: 143- Write-in votes: 8Blackhawk School Board (Green County results)- Jason Figi: 35- Kerry Holland: 31- Write-in votes: 7Brodhead School Board (Green County results)(three seats open)- Teresa Earlywine: 684- Mike Krupke: 619- Bruce Kloepping: 417- Howard W. Balch, Jr.: 223- Write-in votes: 269Juda School Board(three seats open)- Dennis L. Pfingsten: 182- Eric Makos: 138- Joann D. Goecks: 112- Deena Adkins: 90- Douglas Baum: 79- Write-in votes: 3Monroe School Board(three seats open)- Robert Erb: 1,804- Amy Bazley: 1,786- Mary Berger: 1,666- Write-in votes: 57Monticello School Board (three seats open)- Ronald Blumer: 303- Julie Havens: 282- Robert Harvey: 212- Write-in votes: 9New Glarus School Board(two seats open)- Gail P. Anderson: 487- Ellyn Runde: 412- Write-in votes: 31Pectonica School Board (Green County results)(two seats open)Roy Ruegsegger: 64Steve Demler: 58