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Leopard rumors said to be 'big fabrication'
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BROOKLYN TOWNSHIP - Rumors circulating of a loose leopard in the Township of Brooklyn appear to be false.

Natalie Davis, a resident of the township, said two men in a vehicle with markings about exotic wildlife stopped by her home on their way out of state. Davis said she noticed a leopard in the back of the vehicle and asked if she could see it. They took the cat out on a leash briefly and then put it back in the vehicle. Davis said somehow a rumor got started that the leopard got loose and the men were chasing it down.

"The guys said they were from down south, and they had a ranch or whatever for exotic animals," Davis said. "There is no leopard, it's a big fabrication."

The Green County Sheriff's Office has received several calls in the Brooklyn area concerning possible sightings of a leopard, according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Mark Rohloff added an item on the monthly law enforcement meeting to discuss possibly creating an ordinance for exotic animals due to complaints from residents of a supposed runaway leopard.

"We have had these "ghost sightings' of a leopard or something in the area, but it's never been verified," Rohloff said.

He said a member of corporation counsel will be at the Monday meeting to discuss the legal ramifications of creating an ordinance for exotic animals to take to the Green County Board of Supervisors.

"We'll talk it over, but we're not looking to take anything to the board," Rohloff said.