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Lafayette County election results
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- Results with all precincts reporting with the exception of Ward 3 in Hazel Green. Percentages rounded

U.S. Senate (Republican)

Eric Hovde 270 votes

Mark Neumann 309 votes

T. Thompson 625 votes

Jeff Fitzgerald 49 votes

U.S. Senate (Democrat)

Tammy Baldwin 989 votes

11 write-in votes

2nd Congressional District (Democrat)

K. Helen Roys 297 votes

Matt Silverman 133 votes

Dennis Hall 46 votes

Mark Pocan 569 votes

2nd Congressional District (Republican)

Chad Lee 862 votes

Assembly District 49 (Republican)

Dave Kuhle 61 votes

Travel Tranel 87 votes

Assembly District 49 (Democrat)

Carol Beals 74 votes

Assembly District 51 (Republican)

Howard Marklein 922 votes

1 write-in vote

Assembly District 51 (Democrat)

Pat Bomhack 320 votes

M. May-Grimm 630 votes

5 write-in votes

County Clerk (Republican)

Linda Bawden 1,020 votes

3 write-in votes

County Clerk (Democrat)

18 write-in votes

County Treasurer (Republican)

Becky Taylor 1,006 votes

3 write-in votes

County Treasurer (Democrat)

13 write-in votes

Register of Deeds (Republican)

Joseph Boll 1,002 votes

4 write-in votes

Register of Deeds (Democrat)

14 write-in votes

District Attorney (Republican)

38 write-in votes

District Attorney (Democrat)

Kate Findley 701 votes

D. Jorgenson 617 votes

3 write-in votes