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Lafayette County committee briefs
lafayette county courthouse
Lafayette County Courthouse in Darlington, Wis.

DARLINGTON — The Lafayette County Highway Committee met Thursday, March 14.

●  Asphalt Oil bid opening — Miggs and Flint Hills were the two companies that bid their oil products. The committee approved allowing Lafayette County Commissioner Dan Riley to order from both companies.

●  Tractor bid opening — two tractors were being considered, one at $59,900 and the other at $89,900. The committee gave Riley the authority to purchase the tractor that would work best for the Highway Dept.

●  Approved vouchers at $78,383.

●  Bridge updates — Working on specification of three bridges in the county — Co. S, Co. I and Car Factory Road. Nothing approved.

●  Winter maintenance — snow fence is down, cut brush along road, which ends March 15, according to state regulations.

●  Equipment — Approved ordering a John Deere 644P Wheeled Loader. The committee didn’t think it was necessary to send this to the County Board, but it was sent anyway for approval.

It was mentioned that two plow trucks that were ordered in 2022 still have not been delivered. After they are delivered they will need to be decked out with the snow plow equipment at Monroe Truck.

●  Approved raising summer workers pay from $15/hr. to $17/hr. This will be sent to Human Resources for approval.

●  Will be pricing a new roof for the salt shed in Belmont.

The Lafayette County Manor Committee met Tuesday, March 19.

●  Staffing update — “Things are getting better, we are using less contracted services. We’ve hired two new PRN’s and move two kitchen employees to full time CNA’s,” Lafayette Manor, Stephanie Crowther said.

●  Chiller and roof replacement projects — this project has been in the works for some time. The chiller is a form of cooling the building.

●  Insurance — The Hospital and Manor and always shared an insurance policy. In the Fall of 2023 the hospital asked that the two be separated. Two options are being looked at by the Manor — the same company that had insured the two and being put on the county’s insurance policy. No decision has been made.

●  Town Hall Meeting will be held Monday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m. — Crowther noted that families of the Manor residents, County Board members and the community will be invited to a Town Hall style meeting to answer questions about the Manor. Everything is on the table. Crowther hopes this will silence incorrect information and bad rumors about the Manor.

●  Utilization — Census, as of Feb. 29, 2024, is 34 residents in-house, this compares 40 residents a year ago. Five discharges were seen: One moved back home and four expired.