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Hunters primed for season
Times photo: Brenda Steurer Don Martin, owner of Martins Sport Shop, Monroe, shows off one of the many guns available at his store Thursday. Martins store will be a deer registration station during the nine-day gun season, which begins Saturday.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,, the following businesses in Green County are deer registration stations. • Cardinal Lanes, 2107 2st Center Ave., Brodhead. • County E Locker, N6833 County E, Albany. • Donna's Place, 135 N. Main St., Monticello • Hoesly's Meats, 219 Industrial Drive, New Glarus. • Kounty Korners, 108 Hotel St., Brooklyn. • Martin's Sport Shop, 1016 17th Ave., Monroe. • Ott Haus Pub and Grill, 406 2nd St., New Glarus. • Rackow Family Sausage, N1943 Schindler Road, Juda. Deer registration stations in Lafayette County are located at: • Zephyrdepot, 119 E. Main St., Benton. • 4 Seasons Resort, 18272 Lake Road, Blanchardville. • Anton's General Store, 26320 County W, New Diggings • Belmont Fresh Meats, 115 S. Mound Ave., Belmont. • Belmont Travel Center, 102 W. Moundview Ave., Belmont. • Darlington Mini Mart, Wisconsin 23 and Wis. 81, Darlington. • Fayette Bar, 10990 County D, Darlington. • Gratiot Fast Stop, 10360 Wis. 11, Gratiot, • Holverson Meat Processing, 103 Center St., South Wayne. • Husie's Bar, 211 S. Main St., Blanchardville. • Lelle's Bar, 10740 Main St., Woodford. • Neighbor's Bar and Grill, 134 W. Water St., Shullsburg. • Wells Processing, 7881 Wis. 78, Gratiot. • Kraus Deer Processing, 16990 Valley Road, Argyle.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, when the temperature is over 40 degrees, bacteria capable of causing food-borne illness can grow quickly. Suggestions for hunters after they've killed a deer include: • Field dress the carcass immediately. • Wash the body cavity with cold, clean water if possible. Carry a clean towel to wipe your hands and prevent cross contamination. • Place the heart and liver in a food-grade plastic bag if you wish to keep them. • Spread the rib cage to cool the carcass more quickly. If the air temperature is over 40 degrees, it's a good idea to pack the carcass with clean ice. Refrigerate the carcass, if possible. • Use food quality plastics bags or a bucket to store cut meats. Do not use dark colored garbage bags, because they may contain toxic resins and are not intended for food use. • Do not leave venison or other wild game in a car trunk where warmer temperatures promote bacterial growth. • Use a cooler filled with ice or dry ice to store cut meat. • Register and process venison as soon as it is harvested. Venison will spoil if it hangs without refrigeration in warm weather.

MONROE - This weekend there will be hundreds of blaze orange-clad hunters in the woods and fields in Green and Lafayette counties hoping to nab a deer - hopefully that elusive trophy buck.

Gun season officially kicks off at 6:31 a.m. Saturday for nine days, but this isn't the first time hunters have been out.

Bow hunters have been hunting deer since Sept. 12 and can continue until Jan. 3, Don Martin, owner of Martin's Sport Shop in Monroe, said.

"It can be a little confusing," Martin said, with a laugh when asked about the various seasons.

Muzzleloader season begins Nov. 30 and lasts until Dec. 9; an antlerless deer hunt begins Dec. 10 and ends Dec. 13; and a holiday hunt, which begins Dec. 24, ends Jan. 3.

"You could spend three months hunting," he said.

Martin has been busy, with hunters seeking his services as the season approaches.

Martin took calls Thursday from hunters asking if he had certain types of ammunition, and there were guns at the store he hoped to be able to repair before Saturday.

"A few people get paid Friday and they'll come in to get so ammo then," Martin said.

Most hunters already have hung their clothes outside to get the human scent off or bought spray to make their clothes smell like a deer. Most already have their guns ready for opening day, he said.

Gun-deer season is the busiest time of the year for Martin.

There are some restriction on deer hunting in Green and Lafayette counties because they are in the earn-a-buck program, Martin said.

Hunters must shoot an antlerless deer in order to earn a tag to shoot a buck. An antlerless deer could be a doe or a young buck. They can earn four buck tags a day, which means they would have to shoot four antlerless deer during the day.

Martin said the thing hunters need to remember most is to hunt safely.

"Make sure you're wearing orange and know what you're shooting at," he said.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR),, encourages hunters to:

• Respect landowners. Get permission before entering private lands.

• Be courteous, follow the landowner's rules and treat their property with respect.

• Respect other hunters. Don't interfere or disrupt the hunt of another.

• Respect non-hunters.

• Follow all hunting laws and report violations to the local game warden.

According to the DNR, Green and Lafayette counties are in the Chronic Wasting Disease zone in Wisconsin.

The disease, commonly known as CWD, affects the nervous system of deer and elk.

Deer shot within the zone shouldn't be eaten until CWD test results are shown to be negative.

Hunters won't get their wishes granted if they want some snow and cold temperatures this weekend. Temperatures in the area are expected to be in the low 50s Saturday and Sunday.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection warned hunters Thursday that when the temperature is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, there is an increased risk from bacteria. In warmer temperatures bacteria capable of causing food-borne illness can grow quickly. Deer meat should be kept clean and cold.