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How to fold your flag
Jim Moser, a member of American Legion Post 84 in Monroe, and Post 84 commander Dennis Swank demonstrate how to properly fold a flag.


First you should have someone helping you so the flag does not touch the ground. Start by holding each end of the flag and fold lengthwise twice.


Next, make a triangular fold by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open top edge of the flag. Then turn the outer end point inward, parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle. Repeat this until the entire length of the flag is folded.


Tuck the remaining part of the flag into the triangle.


When finished you should have a only a triangular blue field of stars visible.

How to treat your flag

American Legion Post 84 commander Dennis Swank and Legion member Jim Moser offered proper flag etiquette tips for people to remember while observing Memorial Day.

• There should be a light shined on the flag if displayed overnight.

• You should avoid buying cheaply made flags and pick one that can withstand weather.

• If a flag becomes too worn, it should be retired and brought to the American Legion for proper disposal.

• Flags are supposed to be on the right side of a person and should never touch the ground.

• The American flag should always be higher than any other flag.

• The flag should never be used as a tapestry.

• People should be aware of instances where the flag should be flown at half mast such as when a police officer or firefighter dies.