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Heart to Heart: Couples find love that lasts and last
Dorothy and Dallas Wild

Foundation Built on Mutual Crush

Both Marion and Werner Feutz grew up in the small Wisconsin community of Hubbleton and have known each other for 85 years. Since the first times they met, both had crushes on each other. The two

eventually married in 1941. "He was the one and only," Marion said. Werner was a cheesemaker at a farmer-owned co-op cheese factory and Marion made ice cream. Werner retired from cheesemaking in 1952 and then managed a farmer's and

merchant's bank until 1975. The two have a son, Richard Feutz, and a daughter, Shari Voss. After retiring, the

couple moved to Florida where they lived until 2005, when they moved to Waunakee. Throughout the years, they have traveled to several countries and states. After being married for almost 75 years, their love has only gotten stronger. "You won't believe this, but it's the gospel truth," Werner said. "We had lots of love both ways. A lot of 'I love you' and, most important, we prayed, 'Thank goodness for blessing Marion and I for all the beautiful years we've had together.' We have two great kids and a family we're very proud of." Now, the couple mostly stay in their apartment at Aster Assisted Living of Monroe and watch sports together while holding hands. They enjoy watching the Badgers and the Packers. "There are few people that have had a happier life," Werner said.

Dorothy Wild, 91, and her husband Dallas, 93, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in September. The love story for the two started when Dallas asked Dorothy to dance with him during a dance at Turner Hall. They have been together ever since and married in 1945. "It was the best day of my life," Dallas said. They then farmed together north of Monroe for more than 30 years. After they sold the farm they moved to Monroe. They have a son, Dennis Wild, and a daughter, Dianne Kundert. Dorothy knew Dallas was the one because she thought he would take good care of her and he had a good sense of humor. According to the Wilds, the key to marriage is give and take. "It's important to know you can't always get your way. Sometimes someone has to give in," Dorothy said. Throughout the years, the Wilds have attended University of Wisconsin football games and visited several states. "I can't see so good, and he can't hear so good," Dorothy said, "so we make a good pair." They still make occasional trips to Washington Reformation Church in Monticello. They also go to the grocery store and attend all of their doctor appointments together. Dallas still works some around the house. "He's energetic," Dorothy said. "He doesn't sit still much." Although they have been together for more than 70 years, to Dallas and Dorothy it doesn't seem long at all. "We look out for each other," Dorothy said. "If one of us is sick, we see that we're taken care. We still help each other. Any time we've disagreed we've gotten over it. You have to forgive and forget. People who hold a grudge all the time, they can't be happy."