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Green County Historical Society: Hattie Thorp's house
Photo supplied by the Green County Historical Society
Hattie Thorp is shown with her brother John Evans in front of her house at 1203 10th St., Monroe. Her father, Thomas W. Evans had purchased this property 150 years ago last month, on July 27, 1866. Thorp sold the property to her son Rolland in 1934. Rolland's daughter, Rena Smith, acquired the property after her parents' deaths. Three of Thorp's great-grandchildren now own the property. William S. Russell originally bought 160 acres containing this property in 1839. Not by coincidence, 10th Street was known as Russell Street until the street names were changed to the present system in 1929. Anyone in Monroe who can document that their family has owned property within the city limits for a longer time can contact Matt Figi at 608-325-6503 or