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Green County group sends report to county board
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MONROE - The Green County Livestock Facility Study Group will present its report and recommendations to the Green County Board of Supervisors at its May 8 meeting.

At this meeting, the county board will vote on whether or not to accept the report and recommendations for consideration. If the board approves it, the relevant county committees will then begin to look at the recommendations. The report and recommendations can be viewed online at

The Green County Livestock Facility Study Group was established by resolution of the county board on Aug. 8. The purpose of the study group is to use science-based information to provide the board with science-based recommendations developed to effectively protect groundwater, surface water, air quality and public health and safety. The study group will dissolve after presenting its report and recommendations.

The members of the Livestock Facility Study Group are: Paul Beach, Tom Daly, Ken Hodgson, Barb Krattiger, Oscar Olson, Jen Brooks, Craig Edler, Bert Paris and Bethany Storm. The non-voting advisory members of the study group are Todd Jenson, director of the Green County Land and Water Conservation Department; RoAnn Warden, director of the Green County Health Department; Adam Wiegel, director, Land Use and Zoning Department; and Mark Mayer, former agriculture and natural resources educator with the Green County University of Wisconsin-Extension. Victoria Solomon, community resource development educator with Green County UW-Extension, facilitated the process.

For more information, contact Solomon at 328-9441 or via email at