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Foundation Fitness and Nutrition provide healthy options for clients
Kelli Ritchie and Taylor Thuli, owners of Foundation Fitness & Nutrition in Darlington.

DARLINGTON — Foundation Fitness and Nutrition is a local company owned by Kelli Ritchie and Taylor Thuli, both of Darlington. Their mission is to provide convenient, healthy options for their clients. So far, the pair have been successful in doing just that. Becoming friends over their love of health and wellness, Ritchie and Thuli are bettering the community through food and fitness. 

Foundation Fitness and Nutrition started in 2021 while meeting with clients in Thuli’s garage. Discussions ranged from health goals, macros, and fitness plans. The pair dedicated two nights to their clients. 

“We met the best people,” Thuli said, noting their clientele list ranges from children to older adults; men and women; singles and groups. “The biggest obstacle for our clients was what to eat. Kelli and I were already prepping meals weekly at home, so we decided to make our food on a larger scale. We advertised our meals through social media, hoping to catch the eye of some clients who struggle with what to eat. To our surprise, we made 600 meals in the first week.” 

Thuli admits they weren’t sure what the response would be, but were happy with the reaction from their clients. 

“We sent out our first meals on Sunday, April 4, 2021. Our business quickly grew, proving that prepped meals were in demand,” she said.  

The Ritchie’s, Kelli and her husband, Andrew; own Avon Locker Plant, which is where the meat for their meals come from. It helps clients to know where their food is coming from. Locally purchased food also helps to provide the freshest product possible. 

In addition, the pair said they are grateful to have the licensed space to cook and prepare each new meal on Sundays. Every meal is prepped right down to the last detail. The menus are based on high protein and minimal ingredients, which are all weighed, and measured; then placed in separate containers. 

Each weekly order consists of five containers with the same meal in each. The containers are microwavable and freezer-safe. Nutritional information is included for those who track calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat. 

Customers have the option to receive a family-style pan instead of the five individual containers. A family-style pan is oven-safe and has the same amount of food as five containers. A subscription or commitment is not required to order. 

Clients who wish to try out the services of Foundation Fitness and Nutrition are encouraged to do so. Ritchie and Thuli have put in the time to make things better for their clients, who are welcome to order as often or as little as they need, and at any time. 

“We have customers who order meals for nutrition and health or simply convenience. Many customers are looking for better nutritional options that are high in protein,” Ritchie and Thuli said. “We have a lot of middle and high school students who bring meals to school to heat up. We also have elderly customers who have difficulty cooking, post-surgery patients, postpartum mothers, busy parents, and people on the go.” 

Frozen smoothies and frozen burritos, both in vacuum-sealed packaging, also help to supplement daily meals or snacks. Meals are delivered every Sunday to a pick-up location in Mineral Point, Mount Horeb, Cuba City, Platteville and Monroe. Avon Locker Plant is the pick-up location for Darlington. Ritchie and Thuli are hopeful to increase their customer base in all pick-up locations. 

They also plan to offer the food delivery option to businesses, schools, elderly facilities and fitness locations. They hope to begin shipping meals, in addition to the services they already provide. Ritchie says that Avon Locker Plant will begin shipping meat nationally this year. She and Thuli hope to learn how to make it as efficient as possible, as having the ability to ship meals means helping more clients. 

The fitness part of Foundation Fitness and Nutrition, actually started the business, with workout programs for their clients. Thuli owns the gym on Main Street called ‘The Bar’, which helps to provide a space for local clients to improve their physical fitness. Thuli and Ritchie are happy to assist clients, from the elderly to busy moms, in keeping active.

Before encouraging clients, Ritchie and Thuli first supported each other. During their quest to absorb as much research, the two shared new recipes, fitness programs, literature, and personal progress, to better assist their clients. Absorbing as much information as possible about diet, weight loss, muscle gain, and macros; the pair eventually decided to study the NASM textbook and become certified nutritional coaches. 

“We began cheering each other on during each other’s health journey. We would check in every morning at 4 a.m., letting each other know we finished our morning workout. We would discuss meal plans and macronutrients,” said Ritchie and Thuli. 

The pair share a love of helping customers with any questions they have regarding nutrition and goals.  They find the relationships with their clients, to be the best reward. The two are just a message away for questions and advice.

Ritchie and Thuli continue to form their incredible friendship and work relationship, which seems to have kept everything flowing seamlessly. 

“We each have strengths that make our business flourish and the drive to keep learning and improving. Overall, we both have very easy-going personalities and are willing to do the extra work to benefit each other and our clients,” Thuli said. 

Those interested in ordering meals through Foundation Fitness and Nutrition can visit