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Fat Badger Pub at Monroe Golf Club opens
Community Brief

MONROE — Those curious to try a new local dining option are now able to visit Monroe’s newest gastropub, which has a new take on traditional pub fare. Both golfers and non-golfers alike are welcome at The Fat Badger Pub and Grill, located at Monroe Golf Club.

The gastropub opened April 11 and is the latest innovation at Monroe Golf Club. After installing serious upgrades to the golf course, club house and overall club service, the MGC management team set its sights on what it knew it needed — a high quality and unique dining experience.  

“We’ve know since we acquired the golf club last spring that we needed a quality dining option,” said John Baumann, one of the five owning partners of the business. “But the golf course, club house and overall guest experience needed our attention first. We didn’t want to push a pub menu in Year 1 that we couldn’t be proud of.”

Now after a year of brainstorming the pub’s menu and theme, the pub is ready to serve both golfers and the public.

“Golf is the core of our business, so we need quality food options that cater to the golfer that wants a quick bite before or during play,” club general manager Craig Franke said. “But you also want really unique and delicious pub fare that people can enjoy at any time. We think we’ve got that.”

Baumann said that he and his four partners — wife Katie Baumann, Greg and Penny Fedders, and Mike Sanders — are all food and restaurant nerds.  

“We’ve all got strong ideas about what a quality menu looks like and the need to be able to consistently execute on the food offered,” he said. “Quality food preparation and outstanding customer service don’t require a degree in rocket science, but they do require passion and ongoing effort on the part of every pub team member. We’re excited to get started.”

The pub menu sports a lot of traditional favorites, but with a twist. Guests can try their smash burgers (both regular, cheese and Texas style), quesadillas, club sandwiches, and trash-can nachos. 

“There are a number of successful eating establishments in Monroe,” Baumann said. “Each has its own niche. We want to complement what those restaurants do by offering something a little different.”

Baumann said the ownership team believes that enjoying great food should be fun, which is where the name Fat Badger came from. 

“Our Fat Badger is our way reminding folks that they can join us for good food and drinks in a welcoming environment,” Baumann said. “We’re in the food and recreation business.  Dining at Monroe Golf Club and The Fat Badger Pub should not only be delicious, but memorable and fun.”