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DWD develops database for employers’ substance abuse prevention plans on public work projects
department of development workforce

MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has launched an online, searchable database of substance abuse prevention policies for all contractors and subcontractors who perform public works projects.

Wisconsin employers must have a written policy in place for the prevention of substance abuse among employees before working on a public works or public utility project. An employer’s substance abuse prevention plan must cover the employer’s drug testing requirements and the procedure for notifying employees when violations occur.

“Substance abuse prevention programs protect employees and make Wisconsin a safer place to work,” said Equal Rights Division Administrator Ramona L. Natera. “DWD’s database helps contracting entities identify which employers have a plan in place before contracting them for public works and public utility projects.”

The DWD database allows contractors who perform public works projects to affirm they meet the requirements under the law with the option to upload their substance abuse prevention plans online. Municipalities, state agencies, contracting entities, the public, and other stakeholders may then search the database to verify a contractor’s legally required substance abuse prevention plans.

The Database for Substance Abuse Prevention on Public Works Projects can be found on DWD’s Equal Rights website. For more information, contact the Equal Rights Division at